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PT. Radian Peninsula Indonesia - “Solution is Our Service”

We are very excited to build a relationship with you after a long of planning and assembling a team of experienced maritime professionals. We are prepared and confident in carrying out our vision and mission of becoming an "One Stop Solution" for you. Supported by these ideals, we are committed to constantly learning, improving, and discovering the best methods for you. 

Who We Are?

PT. Radian Peninsula Indonesia was founded in 2021, with the primary goal of assisting the development of Indonesia's maritime industry. Currently, our primary services are ship repair and maintenance, particularly in system and electrical sector. PT. Radian Peninsula Indonesia has a team of highly skilled technicians with over 20 years of experience in the maritime industry, which allows us to be capable and confident in every service we offer to clients.

  • Clients are Partners

  • Best Solutions

  • The Quality of Works

Our Vision

Revolutionize the maritime service industry in Indonesia by developing a new program that allows client companies to enjoy convenience and efficiency in vessel maintenance and repair.

Our Mission


Become Indonesia's best maritime services or support company.


Using our capabilities to create the best solutions for clients and solve problems and challenges.


Offering expatriate services at reasonable rates while also promoting local products and businesses.

Main Purpose and Our Motto

"One Stop Solution"

Clients to enjoy a better ship repair service with PT. Radian Peninsula Indonesia. The disadvantage we discovered while trying to solve a problem on the ship was that the owner's company had to work with numerous vendors just to solve the problem. We hope to change this through our comprehensive service program, which will provide clients with faster and more precise solutions, allowing their fleets to remain active and operational at all times.

How Can We Help You?

We specialize in making routine maintenance and emergency repairs as stress-free as possible. Call us today to find out how simple our process is!

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We have mechanics who are experienced in TO and GO engines such as CAT, MAK, Cummins and others.


We have electricians who are experienced in handling safety devices for main motors and auxiliary motors.


We have technicians who are experienced in handling hydrolic system.

Solution is Our Service

Our team consist of highly skilled technicians with over 20 years of experience in the maritime industry which allow us to be confident in the service that we will provide to our customers we would like to change and give customers a quick solution to get their fleet up and running again avoiding down.

Message from us 

“One Stop Solution”

PT. Radian Peninsula Indonesia are dedicated to developing trust and relationships with you now and in the future. We constantly strive to improve and make your satisfaction our top priority in our service.

Our Advantages

Clients are Partners

We believe that one of the most important aspects of running a business is developing relationships with customers. This allows us to comprehend and inspire the service that will be provided to the client. Ultimately, this makes the client happy, and the business thrives.

The Quality of Works

We support the quality of work, provide what the client requires, and meet client expectations. We strive to provide industry-leading quality at a reasonable price while also providing exceptional client service.


We believe that it is important to build a solid foundation for a business. The essence of that foundation is integrity, which balances work with honesty and authority.


Treating each other with respect is the first step in developing a relationship, we at Radian Peninsula values respect and strives to implement both internally and externally.

Improvement and Learning

We believe that the day we stop learning and improving is the day we begin to fail, which is why we will not stop developing and learning not only for ourselves, but ultimately for client satisfaction.

Best Solutions

We value relationships more than anything else, so we always try to make the best decision that benefit the client and the company.